According to the chair of the Defence Committee, the UK’s exit from Afghanistan is a bad chapter.

According to prominent Conservative Tobias Ellwood, the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan was “a terrible chapter” for the nation.

The Defence Committee, headed by Mr. Ellwood, is pleading with the government to launch a “honest” investigation into how the UK’s withdrawal from Afghanistan contributed to the Taliban regaining power.

The country is once more turning into a refuge for terrorists, according to the MPs’ assessment.

Additionally, they claim that hundreds of Afghans continue live in danger despite being qualified for evacuation to the UK.

The administration responded to the news by claiming that it had “tirelessly” sought to securely remove as many people from Afghanistan as possible.

“We owe a debt of gratitude to Afghan civilians who worked for, or alongside, the UK armed services in Afghanistan, and to far we have moved over 12,100 persons under the initiative,” the Ministry of Defence spokeswoman continued.

The department estimates that it is still looking for 300 suitable Afghans and their families to repatriate to the UK.

In the future, it stated, it would fully address the MPs’ report.

After the 9/11 attacks, US-led forces, which included British soldiers, invaded Afghanistan in 2001 and overthrew the Taliban regime.

Twenty years later, the United States and its allies withdrew from the nation, precipitating the abrupt fall of the Afghan government that the West had supported and the rise of the Taliban.

Nearly £30 billion was spent and 457 British service members lost their lives during Britain’s 20-year military occupation of Afghanistan.

The UK’s departure from Afghanistan in the summer of 2021 will be “a dark chapter in UK military history,” according to Mr. Ellwood, leader of the House of Commons Defence Committee. This will affect both the servicemen who served there and the Afghans who assisted them.

The 30-page study by his team claims that the military establishment was more surprised than it should have been by how quickly the Afghan government collapsed.

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