According to the White House, a likely explanation for the three downed unexplained objects is that they were benign or commercial

The three most recent unexplained objects shot down over North America are most likely being utilized for benign or commercial objectives, according to the White House, which stated this on Tuesday.

According to National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby, the assessment is based on what the United States now knows, which comes from visual pictures of the objects.

The interagency committee that President Joe Biden instructed his national security staff to coordinate on Monday will outline guidelines for how the United States would address these objects moving forward by the end of the week, according to Kirby.

Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin stated during a separate press conference on Tuesday in Brussels that no wreckage from any of the objects shot down in the previous week had been found. Milley also stated that the initial American missile was unable to hit the craft that was shot down on Sunday over Lake Huron.

When the Chinese spy balloon was shot down on February 4, Milley remarked, “The first balloon, the Chinese spy balloon that went down over the Atlantic, on the South Carolina coast, that shot hit.” “The second one struck Alaska’s north coast when it was over the state. That was the third missile to strike the Yukon. The first shot on the fourth one across Lake Huron was off, but the second one connected.”

According to Milley, the U.S. military tracked the first missile that missed the fourth item on Sunday and “landed harmlessly in the water of Lake Huron.” He highlighted that authorities ensured that there was no commercial or civilian aviation traffic in the airspace.

According to Mille, the three objects’ debris has not been gathered because of the rugged terrain and other challenging circumstances.

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