Arsenal Women make 30% more than males, but they are still behind.

According to the most recent released reports, the salary at Arsenal Ladies Football Club grew by about 30%.

Nonetheless, the entire squad continues to make a lot less money than some particular male players.

The average salary for playing and non-playing personnel for the 2021–22 season was £98,000, or £4.3 million overall.

Arsenal FC stated that it is eager to see sustained growth in the women’s game.
These narratives span the period of time before England defeated Germany to win the Euros, which sold out Wembley Stadium and propelled women’s soccer to new heights of popularity.

Nonetheless, they demonstrate the increasing levels of achievement and interest that existed prior to the Lionesses’ victory. Women’s Super League teams were already being forced by competitive pressures to raise salaries in order to entice and keep top players.

The salary budget for Arsenal Women increased from £2.6 million over 35 employees the year before to £4.3 million across 44 playing and non-playing staff.

According to Deloitte’s Football Money League, it still has a wage budget that exceeds £250 million, placing it significantly behind the men’s squad.

Leah Williamson, a defender for England and Arsenal, is believed to be among the Women’s team’s biggest earners with a rumored salary of £200,000. Individual player earnings are not disclosed.

This contrasts with the highest-paid male players, striker Gabriel Jesus and midfielder Thomas Partey, who apparently receive weekly salaries of about the same amount, or more than £10 million annually.

Both female and male athletes have specific endorsement contracts with companies like apparel manufacturers Nike and Adidas, which will increase their income.

The same guidelines apply to our men’s team, according to Arsenal, who stated: “We need to make sure we are investing in quality players, and that means paying competitive rates.”

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