Bella Thorne declines to sign provocative portraits of herself.

Don’t approach Bella Thorne with an explicit mental image of a teenage Bella.

The 25-year-old actress spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about a run-in she had with a fan at the Sundance Film Festival who tried to get her to sign lewd pictures of her, according to Thorne.

“I don’t usually reprimand people, but they offended me. I looked away for a while and then turned around to see a picture of myself from my GQ magazine cover. It was this guy, thrusting images in front of me, Thorne said. “I’m topless, wearing lingerie, and my butt is exposed. It’s quite sexy. He removed it and then put it back in front of me after I told him I wouldn’t sign it. No, I’m not signing that, I remarked.

Next, according to Thorne, the man gave her another sexual picture to sign.

I wasn’t a fan. It was improper,” she declared. He clearly wanted me to sign things that were considered as provocative and even inappropriate for children when I was 16, so I said, “Give me something else.” There was some material from a Candies campaign I worked on when I was 16 there.

Aren’t they all sexy, the autograph hunter allegedly questioned her.

“No, I’ve had enough. Yet, I understand that they must make money because everyone has a job, remarked Thorne. Simply because I was under 18, it was inappropriate.

Former Disney child star Thorne, who in 2019 received the Vision Award from Pornhub for making her directorial debut with the adult film “Her & Him,” says she would think twice about taking nude photographs as a teenager.

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