Derailment of an Ohio train: Norfolk Southern is required to cover cleanup expenses

US authorities have stated that Norfolk Southern must pay for the clean-up or risk harsh fines after their toxic train wrecked in an Ohio community.

The train carrying vinyl chloride and other highly dangerous materials derailed on February 3 in East Palestine.

Several cases have been brought against Norfolk Southern on behalf of locals, many of whom were compelled to leave their homes.

It has expressed regret about what happened.

Norfolk Southern will “pay for cleaning up the disaster they created and for the anguish they’ve inflicted on this community,” according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), which has the authority to fine or sanction businesses for environmental concerns.

Michael Regan, the head of the EPA, said the company would have to find and clean contaminated soil and water supplies and reimburse the EPA for its own cleaning efforts. He also said the company would have to give residents access to information online and participate in public meetings at the EPA’s request.

The work plan for Norfolk Southern will also “be reviewed and approved” by the EPA with assistance from state and municipal authorities.

Complete disclosure is the only alternative, according to Mr. Regan, who also stressed that “Nothing, under any circumstances, will let Norfolk Southern off the hook.”

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