earthquake in Turkey and Syria: survivors found after 278 hours trapped beneath collapsed structures

More than 11 days after they were trapped when an earthquake struck the country, rescuers in Turkey have extricated at least three men from the ruins.

Workers found Hakan Yasinoglu on Friday after 278 hours of being trapped beneath a destroyed structure in the severely damaged Hatay province.

In Antakya, Osman Halebiye, a teen, and Mustafa Avci, 34, were also rescued.

“I’d fully given up on hope. This truly is a miracle “According to Mr. Avci’s father, Reuters is reporting.

He continued, “I felt nobody could be saved alive from there. When the earthquake hit, Mr. Avci’s daughter was only a few hours old. As he was being placed onto a stretcher by paramedics, he made a video call to his infant daughter.

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