Mauricio Lara vs. Leigh Wood: A contentious weigh-in concludes with the challenger eating pizza on stage

WBA featherweight champion Leigh Wood and opponent Mauricio Lara engaged in an odd weigh-in on Friday that saw the Mexican share a pizza on stage with promoter Eddie Hearn and saw the British boxer accosted by his opponent’s trainer over the scales.

In a tense public weigh-in for their world title fight on Saturday in Nottingham, both athletes weighed in exactly at the 9st (126lb) limit. But, Lara’s trainer, Alejandro Galindo, appeared to be upset that the scales were in kilograms rather than pounds and challenged Wood.

Hearn told BBC Sport, “The coach simply grabbed Wood and I kind of lost my cool because you shouldn’t touch a fighter because they’re making weight.

“The inspector for the British Boxing Board of Control converted it after that. Wood hit the mark exactly, but Lara’s coach failed to notice the weight. The inspector then told the trainer that he was okay after confirming his weight.

Hearn and company When the challenger handed Hearn a slice of pizza, presumably as an act of reconciliation, barely minutes after weighing in, Lara later put their argument to rest.

Hearn told BBC Sport, “That was a chilly pepperoni pizza, but I’m not going to grumble about it.”

“There you have it, Mexican boxing. Leigh Wood would receive instructions regarding when he can eat over there, which is typically after you refuel, or roughly two hours after the weigh-in. But, Lara simply gulped the pizza down.
It was the ideal weigh-in, according to Wood, who won the title in 2021 over China’s Xu Can and sensationally defended it in March by defeating Michael Conlan in the 12th round.

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