Rishi Sunak asserts that the NI Protocol transaction is far from completed.

A deal with the EU regarding the Northern Ireland Protocol is “by no means done,” according to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

Early next week, the UK government plans to present a revised agreement on the post-Brexit trading regulations for Northern Ireland.

At a conference on Saturday in Germany, Mr. Sunak acknowledged that there were still “challenges to work through.”

There is an understanding of what needs to be done, he continued, noting that no agreement had been reached.

Several sources in the government anticipate a discussion and vote in the House of Commons next week.

The plans are believed to be “fluid,” but Tuesday is thought to be the most likely day.

Negotiators from the UK and the EU have been working to modify the contentious trade agreement for more than a year.

Ursula von de Leyen, President of the European Commission, and the prime minister are scheduled to speak in Munich in an effort to reach that understanding.
After visiting Northern Ireland to present his ideas to the Democratic Unionist Party, he is traveling to the summit the next day (DUP).

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