Three days a week, Amazon calls its employees back to work.

Amazon will no longer allow team directors to decide whether employees should work remotely and will henceforth mandate that all office employees work in-person at least three days each week.

On Friday, boss Andy Jassy informed the workers of the modification and stated that it would go into effect on May 1.

The corporation has tightened its policies on remote employment this year, following companies like Disney and Starbucks.

According to Mr. Jassy, the adjustment would improve teamwork, career opportunities, and corporate culture.

He stated in a memo distributed around the company that “collaborating and developing is easier and more effective when we’re in person.”

During the pandemic lockdowns in 2020, remote work increased dramatically. Although it is still far more common than it was before the pandemic, polls indicate the practice is gradually waning.

According to a monthly online survey of working arrangements and attitudes that Stanford economist Nicholas Bloom and others have been conducting since May 2020, the proportion of days worked from home decreased to 27% in January from over 35% a year earlier.

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