US-China chip war: ASML alleges data theft by a Chinese employee

A significant manufacturer of computer chip equipment, ASML, claims that a former worker in China stole knowledge of its technology.

According to the Dutch company, it has since notified US and Dutch authorities of the incident.

The corporation went on to say that it “believes that the misappropriation is not important to our business.”

One of the most significant companies in the worldwide supply chain for microchips is ASML. The most cutting-edge chips in the world are made by its machines.

The US and China are embroiled in a nasty trade battle over chips, or semiconductors, which are needed to power everything from mobile phones to military hardware.

In its most recent annual report, ASML stated, “We have encountered illegal misappropriation of data relating to proprietary information by a (now) former employee in China.

“There may have been a violation of some export control laws as a result of the security issue. In light of this occurrence, we are putting extra corrective procedures into place “It was ad.

ASML has previously connected a China-related intellectual property (IP) breach.

The company stated in its 2021 annual report that it was aware of claims that DongFang JingYuan Electron, a Chinese manufacturer of semiconductor hardware and software, “was actively selling goods in China that could potentially infringe on ASML’s IP rights.”

The accusations were rejected by DongFang JingYuan Electron.


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