Warren Gatland is sure that Wales-England will proceed in the Six Nations of 2023 despite the delay in team confirmation.

Despite delaying the announcement of his selection on Tuesday, Wales head coach Warren Gatland says he is hopeful the threatened Six Nations match against England will go ahead.

On Saturday, Gatland’s team plays host to England in Cardiff.

The game is still in danger because of players’ threats to strike over a disagreement with Welsh rugby executives regarding contracts.

Gatland said that a training session scheduled for Tuesday afternoon had been postponed so that players could continue talks.

The Wales players have given themselves till Wednesday, February 22 to find a solution.

Gatland expressed optimism on Tuesday that the conflict between the players and Welsh rugby chiefs would be resolved after expressing it last week.

Gatland stated, “I’m hearing good things from both sides.

“I’m hoping the talks will result in some agreement that is agreeable to both sides, and then we can resume the game.

There are currently no guarantees, but I am optimistic that something will be addressed today (February 21) thanks to the ongoing conversations.

“During the past few days, there have probably been six meetings. Like anything else, there must be a compromise.

“Hopefully, some of the decisions made by the Professional Rugby Board (PRB) and the players during today’s negotiations will make both parties satisfied.

The truth is that not every discussion involves a win-win outcome for one side. You must come to a compromise. I’m hoping that’s the case today.

Gatland acknowledged the reality of the strike threat, saying: “There is no question in my mind that it is a legitimate threat.

Gatland continued, “Today was intended to be a double session, but we have kept it to just this morning so we are not training this afternoon. This decision was made to postpone training on Tuesday.

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